Dogs can NOT eat


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We are located in  SouthEast Texas, between Beaumont and Orange, Texas..  We offer AKC purebred poodles and yorkshire terriers and wonderful CKC registered pek-a-poos and yorkie-poos..   We want to place our babies in family homes, not "kennels".  These precious little angels will be a blessed addition to any loving and caring home.

 We reserve the right to refuse placement of any of our babies at any point before the final sale. We place puppies with the intent that they become a loved member of a family, and since we just have a very few puppies a year, it is extremely  important that they have only the best for their new home.
All questions are welcomed. We want to help you make sure you are making the right choice for your family and that you are fully informed in your decision. A puppy is a long term commitment and has to be treated as such. You will have years of responsibility to this little one and he deserves the best you have to offer, in care and in love. IF you are not prepared to offer this to your new family member, then maybe your should consider waiting until you ARE prepared for the full time responsibility of a new 4 legged baby.